i'mport JavaScript SDK 1.1.8

Feature additions and changes

Changed Kakao Pay mobile payment to use redirection mode

In compliance with the iframe non-support policy of Kakao Pay SDK, Kakao Pay mobile payment is processed now via page redirection instead of iframe.

In the previous version, when the Kakao Pay mobile payment process is completed after calling IMP.request_pay(param, callback, the specified callback is invoked as in PC web. In mobile, Kakao Pay is now processed via redirection mode.

Added Naver Pay pop-up mode (redirection as default mode)

To open the Naver Pay (Checkout) window as pop-up, set popup: true when calling IMP.request_pay(param, callback). The callback mode is used by default.

To avoid issues, such as browser pop-up blocking, Naver Pay recommends page redirection in both PC and mobile.

  • 1.1.8 and later versions
    • PC/mobile: redirection is default, set to popup : true to enable popup mode.
  • 1.1.7 and earlier versions (popupnot supported)
    • PC: pop-up mode
    • Mobile: redirection mode

Added redirection mode for Eximbay

To redirect to a page after payment process is completed, set popup : false when calling IMP.request_pay(param).

To avoid pop-up blocking issues in mobile app WebView, use the redirection mode.

  • 1.1.8 and later versions
    • PC/mobile: popup is default, set to popup : false to enable redirection mode.
  • 1.1.7 and earlier versions (popupnot supported)
    • PC/mobile: popup mode

Multiple PG support for identity verification

Added support for multiple PG modules in identity verification due to the addition of the INICIS-Credit card identity verification method to the existing Danal-Mobile identity verification method. You can also get multiple CPIDs, one for each website, for 'Danal-Mobile identity verification', and specify a module via pg: danal.{Danal CPID}.
    pg: "danal", //danal or danal.{Danal CPID}
    // ... Other parameters omitted ...
  }, function(rsp) {
    if ( rsp.success ) {
      // Identity verification successful.
    } else {
      // Identity verification failed or terminated.

Bug Fixes

The issue of white screen being displayed when the browser's Back button is pressed while processing payment in redirection mode in Safari on iPhone

This is caused by the page being rendered by restoring the DOM element in the state before the page redirection when you return to the previous page with the Back button of the Safari browser (applicable to all PGs that use the redirection mode). The white screen issue is now resolved.