Iamport plug-in for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)


When you build a website with WordPress and run an online store with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), you can easily and quickly implement a payment using the Iamport payment plug-in for EDD.

Installing and activating the plug-in

To use the Iamport plug-in for EDD, it needs to be installed on WordPress. You should have already installed Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plug-in to use the payment plug-in.
First, go to the Plugins > Add New menu on the left menu in your WordPress site. Second, search for Iamport in the top plug-in search box. Then, click the Install Now button on the Iamport plug-in for Easy Digital Downloads in the search results list to proceed with the installation.
STEP2Activate the plug-in
When the installation is complete, Activation button appears. Activate the plug-in by clicking the button.

Implementing General Payments

A payment system can be integrated into your WordPress-EDD system to accept various payment methods from customers.