i'mport Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

This guide describes how to use the i'mport Payment Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) to quickly and easily integrate payment into WordPress EDD system.

Install and Activate Plugin

Install i'mport plugin for EDD on your wordpress website. To use this plugin, you must first install the EDD plugin.

First, go to WordPress Admin and select Plugins > Add New. Search for‘i’mport’ in the plugin search field at the top of the Add Plugin page. Find i'mport Plugin for EDD among the search results and click the Install Now button to start installing.

When the installation is complete, activate the plugin by clicking the Activate button that appears.

General Payments

You can integrate general payments that support various payment gateways to your WordPress EDD system.
STEP1Activate payment gateway
Go to WordPress Admin and select Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways. At the top of the page, select and activate the payment gatway you want to use for Payment Gateways. Select the basic gateway to use for Default Gateway.
STEP2Enter merchant information
Select a payment gateway from the top of the Payment Gateways page.

At the bottom of the Payment Gateways page, enter the merchant information obtained from the i'mport Admin Console. Click the Save changes button to save your changes.