Prerequisites for the Integration

Before implementing the payment using the Iamport plug-in, proceed with the following steps to be prepared for the integration.
STEP1Sign up for Iamport
Sign up for Iamport for the payment integration using the plug-in. After signing up, you should enter Merchant ID and issued REST API account in the plug-in. You can sign up for Iamport with your e-mail without a separate contract process.
STEP2Configure in Admin Dashboard
After signing up, click on the PG Settings tab on the System Configuration page in the Admin Dashboard. In the tab, check the PG services supported by Iamport and select the PG service that you want to use. Then, if you set the test mode attribute to ON, you can implement the integration without a contract with PG.
STEP3Check account information
When using the plug-in, you must enter the Merchant ID issued by Iamport, the REST API key, and the REST API secret to identify the merchant. For merchant information can be found in My Info tab on the System Configuration page in Admin Dashboard. In the tab, you can see the Merchant ID, REST API key, and REST API secret values to be used in the plug-in.