General Payments

This guide describes how to integrate general payments using WooCommerce plugin.
STEP1Activate payment method
Go to WordPress Admin and select WooCommerce > Settings > Payments. At the top of the page, select and activate the payment method you want to use.
STEP2Enter merchant information
At the bottom of the Payments page, enter the merchant information obtained from the i'mport Admin Console. Click the Save changes button to save your changes.
STEP3PG-specific Settings
You can set options for each payment method as follows.

Virtual Account Deposit Notification Settings

If you use virtual account, you must set virtual account deposit notification settings.

Credit card, Samsung Pay, Kakao Pay, PAYCO, KPay, foreign credit card

No additional options available.

Mobile micropayment

  • Digital product: enable for digitial products.

Instant account transfer

  • Instant account transfer escrow: enable escrow for instant account transfer payment.

Virtual account

  • Virtual account escrow: enable escrow for virtual account payment.
  • Virtual account deposit notification: must set this to recive notifications for virtual account deposit
  • Business registration number: required when PG is Danal - credit card/account transfer/virtual account.