Virtual Account Deposit Notification

This guide describes how to set up deposit notifications for virtual account payments. This allows i'mport to send notification to the the WordPress website when a payment is deposited into the virtual account.
STEP1Retrieve virtual account deposit notification URL
Go to WordPress Admin and select WooCommerce > Settings > Payments. At the top of the page, select i'mport (Virtual Account) and copy the URL in the Virtual Account Deposit Notification field.
STEP2Set Notification URL
Log into the Admin Console and then go to System Settings > Webhook (Notification) tab and set the notification URL in the Common Webhook (Notification) URL field. To save the setting, click Save Webhook Setting at the bottom of the page.
STEP3Test deposit notification
After setting up the deposit notification, you can test a virtual account transaction as follows:
1Select NHN KCP
Go to i'mport Admin Console > System Settings > PG Settings (General, Subscription) tab and set the PG to NHN KCP (NHN Korea Cyber Payment). Testing is only provided by KCP.
2Purchase the product
Try to purchase the product using the virtual account payment method and complete the payment process.

In your WooCommerce order history, you can see that the order is in the pending deposit to virtual account status.
3Notify deposit information
Go to the i'mport Admin Console > Payment Approval History tab and check the order that was processed with virtual account payment. After you deposit payment into the virtual account, click the Test Virtual Account Deposit Notification button in the Payment Details column of the order to notify WordPress of the deposit details.In your WooCommerce order history, you can see that the order status is changed to Complete.